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Glamping & Hotel
Glamping home for Shanghai Chongming Client

This is a custom-made container house for a client from Chongming Island Shanghai as a luxury glamping home. Container house can also be called steel structured modular house. The overall design of the house is based on a rectangular box. The size of the box can be freely fabricated within the width of 4.5 meters, while the length and height can be extended in a limited and reasonable range of data, which can be realized from one module to several modules. The construction cycle is environmentally friendly, time-saving and energy-saving. Mobility allows the whole house to move to the place of your choice. Can do high-rise design, and with the combination of solid foundation, the house as a permanent building, increase its service life, is a high-quality choice for modern rural home construction!

As the whole structure is a solid whole, the structural seismic and typhoon resistance performance is several times of that of traditional buildings. It is often welcomed in areas where similar natural disasters occur frequently. 

Facade design can be very diverse. It can be made of mirror glass, bamboo, wood or stone, etc.  

Let's take a look at the interior.


The interior decoration part  can be very exquisite, which can be designed and manufactured according to customers' preferences. 

The characteristic of prefabricated house is the flexibility of design. Whether it's appearance, size, or interior. A lot of modern building materials can be combined with prefabricated houses to present brilliantly. And in terms of budget, there is no sense of pressure. Compared with the traditional structure house, in some places, even the price of a toilet can build a small home of their own.
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