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11 benefits we can get from LGS framed building

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Author : David Xu
Update time : 2019-10-27 14:35:39
What are the benefits for having LGS framed home?
LGS system consist of load bearing wall, roof truss and floor joist. The components are manufactured from high tensile ZAM coated steel coil. The frame are custom designed in house with the aid of latest in computer 3D CAD/CAM systems. The computer quality controls standards ensure that all products are precisely rolled, cut, and fabricated to the highest standard.

1.Provides resilience against natural disaster including earthquake. 
2. Reduces the number of pilling pile used due to its lightweight material.
3. Helps manage the construction period.
4. Requires less labors as it is easy for installation.
5. Free of welding that can cause spark.
6. Reusable via structure disassembling.
7. Offers environmental protection by decreasing the waste product in the construction area.
8.100% Termite and mold proof. 
9."Lgs" Steel frame are engineered with unparalleled accuracy and strength
10.Engineered to be dimensionally accurate, "Lgs" Steel frame will not wrap, sag or shrink, reducing the risk of cracked walls and wavy roof lines.
11.The roof locks to the wall and the wall locks to the slab the whole thing locks together.
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