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70 flatpack container houses for SHANGHAI GENERAL HOSPITAL

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Author : Mming
Update time : 2020-01-31 18:12:42
The end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 is tough for everyone in China even the citizens of all over the world - a novel coronavirus is blasting among people and each one of us is living in the risk of getting influenced. But we have no fear, as fear has nothing to do with healing the world. To do the next thing right is our attitude for this plague and we are actually doing it. 
After getting connected with Shanghai General Hospital, we are requested to produce 70 container houses as their isolation wards for isolating the suspected cases. It was really hard to get our workers back to work in such an important holiday, even by paying triple the salary. But we were surprised- it was the sense of responsibility to the whole society that drove most of them back later, it was not only for "other people" but for all of us as mankind. Time for proving how much we love each other in front of disaster. 
Mission completed within 2 days all together, day and night!!! 
With the special regulations our government gave us, the whole transportation from Huzhou where our factory is located to the hospital parking field was guarded with ZERO barrier to ensure the prompt delivery.  

No, this is not the end of our mission-the war was just started. There are other hospital requests and there are more people who need help. God bless all of us while we do the right thing right away...
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