Star View-The smart home【recommended】

A world full of special things now has a a sphere shaped prefabricated tiny home. It is completed in the factory from exterior to interior, just to please you. In the small courtyard, resort as home stay guest house, hotel, vacation house, close to the
  • Movability: Portable
  • Class: Luxury
  • Structure: Steel Structure
  • Type: Semi-permanent
  • Application: Holiday Home, Leisure Resort, Private Residence
  • Description

    Star View 
    The Smart Home

    -Prefab Manufactured Home-


    -Quick Details-

    Star View is a kind of manufactured home-100% manufactured in the workshop. When you need them to be appear in your backyard, just buy it like buying a manufactured car.  Different thing is you may choose to deliver it as scattered parts, so as to save the freight, DIY install it within 5-6 days when it reaches you and then live in.   There are two models available so far for your choice. Do not worry too much on the heat and sound isolation part, there is a version built for this need!

    Mini Version

    Plus Version

    Restaurant Version

    5-star Interior


    -Project Show-



    Xiamen City


    Backyard home stay guest house


    Fuyuan Heixiazi Island


    A tiny house in the scenic area