Mobile Onsite Accommondation

Affordable 2-floor Temporary portable home as onsite workers' dormitory

There are many we can do to make onsite life easier. A functional dorm to offer a good environment to rest is one and important one of them. There can be many options as floor plan and how it fits the climate. By enhancing the structures and walls with proper building materials, it can be placed even in relatively extreme areas to block the cold and hot air, with aircon installed inside and even with solar system to offer enough energy.  And yes, it can be made with a little bit style for a more likely home feeling. 

Our affordable prefabricated homes are designed and manufactured based on typical sized modular containers made of steel. It's suitable for construction and mining onsite accommondation, remote work site dorms. 

All the modular homes are manufactured in our fully equipped factory well decorated and delivered/installed onsite

What is our factory like?