Permanent Steel Framed Modular Building

Mmoon Prefab use several standardized sizes of flat pack containers or  quick installed containers as the basic modular units of the low to mid class permanent prefab homes. It is widely used to build residence, school, office, hospitals, etc.
  • Movability: Immobile with Foundation
  • Class: Low-cost
  • Structure: Steel/Modular
  • Type: Permanent
  • Application: Residence, Hospital, isolation ward, Lab, Aseptic workshop,Operation room
  • Description

    Modular home as permanent building has been proved to be very practical. It can save quite a lot of construction time and labor when well organized while keeping the process eco-friendly.  Besides ordinary residence projects, we have rich experience in projects with very strict environmental restrictions for negative pressure wards to deal with Infectious respiratory diseases such as the novel coronavirus pneumonia, as a contractor besides the module manufacturer. Other similar applications include, lab, Aseptic workshop and operation rooms.